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A & T Australia Multi Trading

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Year of the Dragon 龍年

A & T Australia Multi Trading comprises and encourages business activities in the following industries and sectors:

AMT Domains 1


  1. Helping Asian clients to find sources or avenues of investing within Australia.

  2. Helping Australian clients to find sources or avenues of investing in Asian countries.

Our ongoing supports and services can achieve satisfactory business targets and results for clients from different backgrounds, regions and cultures.

We act as personal assistants, concierges, consultants and organisers providing errand services, information services and other professional endeavors in a variety of industries and sectors.

A & T Australia Multi Trading offers Investment Concierge Services:

  1. Private Consultation 私人諮詢:
    • When and how to start investing
    • Borrowing capacity
    • How many to buy and when
    • Investment strategy, analysis and forecast
    • Debt reduction, tax reduction and capital growth
  2. Financial Arrangement 財政安排:
    • Understanding the lending process
    • Accessing different lenders
    • Choosing the best loan
  3. Market Research, Find and Select 市場調研,搜索和選擇:
    • Conducting market research
    • Finding and inspecting targets
    • Choosing best alternatives
    • Expression of interest
    • Initial deposit
  4. Contract Signing, Settlement, Ownership, Import/Export, Immigration 合同簽署,結算,擁有權,進口/出口及入境事務:
    • Examining and signing of contracts with the aid of finance broker and solicitor
    • Examining the processes and fulfiling the requirements of settlement, import/export, ownership and/or immigration
  5. Professional Network 專業網絡:
    • Enlisting the services of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects, construction engineers, project managers, property managers, promoters and/or other parties.
  6. Errands, Informational, Communicational and Other Services 跑腿,資訊,信息交流和其他服務:
    • Informational requests
    • Researching travel arrangements
    • Setting hotel reservations
    • Transporting to/from airports
    • Informing, visiting or gathering clients or stakeholders
    • Touring premises, places or businesses
    • Providing personal assistance in promoting, negotiating, communicating, shopping or trading in a particular area or culture
    • Event management/promotion for festivals, events, seminars and conferences
    • Organising business schedules, meetings and projects
    • Making business telephone calls and arranging appointments
    • Supporting, liaising, facilitating or connecting clients to business targets
    • Carrying out instructions and/or following up documents while clients are offsite or overseas
    • Organising freights and posting goods
    • Researching or providing networking opportunities

About A & T Australia Multi Trading:

  • We provide multilingual staff to meet clients’ needs.
  • We can network with multiple industries and sectors in Australia and Asian countries.
  • Our team aims to be efficient, ethical and trustworthy.
  • We can establish linkages with local/regional governments and tradespersons.
  • Our knowledge and resources can save valuable time for clients.
  • We provide convenient and friendly services in multiple ways.
  • Our friendly services and strong teamwork can help clients to achieve their goals and to excel in their businesses in Australia and Asian countries.

Contact A & T Australia Multi Trading via:

  • mobile: 0400 366 158
  • email: amtqld@gmail.com
  • website: amtqld.wordpress.com

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